What types of returns do you prepare?
We do a wide variety of returns, including individuals, fiduciaries, partnerships, corporations (both "C" and "S"), employee benefit plans, and nonprofit returns. A significant part of our practice is made up of small to medium sized businesses and the owners and officers of those entities.

Is my return too simple (or too complex) for you?
We have yet to find a return that is too complex for us to handle. And while no return is "too simple," in most instances we focus on more than just the preparation of your returns. If you are looking solely for a tax preparer that you see and talk to when you drop your information off and pick your returns up, there are other alternatives in the marketplace that may be able to serve you at a lower cost. We pride ourselves on maximizing value for our clients by offering tax consulting and tax planning services as well. However complicated or simple you believe your return is, we would love to have the opportunity to visit with you about your specific situation and see if the services we offer may be of benefit to you.

How much is it going to cost me for you to prepare my return(s)?
That is a very difficult question to answer until we actually see a copy of your prior year return(s) and see the level of complexity we are dealing with. In most instances, we will typically provide a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your tax situation and can likely provide a better estimate of our fees at that time.

Why should I allow you to prepare my return(s)?
Because, as you can read in other places on our website, we do more than just prepare returns. We strive to add value for our clients with each and every service we provide. We like to be in regular contact with our clients throughout the year and look for opportunities to provide some level of business consulting and tax planning as part of our tax preparation services.

If I set up a meeting to discuss my tax situation with you, what should I bring to the meeting?
Typically we like to start with the most recent return you have completed. From there, we can discuss how you situation will be different moving forward. Additionally, please bring any information you have received for a return year later than the most recent return completed.

What other services do you provide?
You can see more of our services elsewhere on the website, but we provide assistance with financial statement preparation, audits, agreed-upon procedures, tax planning/consulting, and business valuation services, among others.

In what types of industries do you perform audit/attest work?
We perform attest work in a variety of industry types, including: manufacturing, retail/wholesale, non-for-profit low income housing, for-profit low income housing, professional service organizations, traditional not-for-profit organizations, and others.

"The experience of a large firm with the service of a small firm"